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Watch videos and photos of ReThink911′s event in Times Square on September 11, 2013, featuring Les Jamieson (NYC Coordinator,, Richard Gage, AIA (, Tom Kiely and Lenny Charles (Co-founders INN World Report), Cynthia McKinney (Former U.S. Congresswoman), Vance Green (FOIA Researcher, Activist), and Dr. William Pepper (International Civil Rights Attorney).

Videos: Main Event in Times Square

Part 1: Les Jamieson|
Part 2: Richard Gage, AIA (AE911Truth)|
Part 3: Tom Kiely|
Part 4: Lenny Charles|
Part 5: Cynthia McKinney (Former US Congresswoman)|
Part 6: Vance Green|
Part 7: Dr. William Pepper (International Civil Rights Attorney)|
NYC Tour|

ReThink911 Events Photos in New York