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From December 12 to January 9, the ReThink911 campaign is sponsoring ads on the backs of 40 buses in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa. The ads will reach approximately 70% of Ottawa residents, asking them if they have seen the video of World Trade Center Building 7’s collapse. This campaign is a follow up to ReThink911’s successful September 2013 campaign in Ottawa.

Highlighting the Video of Building 7’s Collapse

If you’re like most people who see the video of Building 7’s collapse, you will also suspect that Building 7 was brought down by controlled demolition.

This past September, ReThink911 commissioned two national public opinion polls in Canada and the United States, each of which found that approximately 1 out of 2 people who are shown video of Building 7’s collapse (the 30-second video featured above) suspect it was caused by controlled demolition, compared with much smaller minorities who suspect it was caused by fire, which is the official explanation put forth by the U.S. government. In Canada, the margin was 51% to 18%; in the United States, it was 46% to 28%.

  Download the Canada Poll Results (PDF)

It Looks like Controlled Demolition, But Is It?

Building 7’s collapse has the appearance of a controlled demolition for two simple reasons:

1) It accelerates downward symmetrically at a rate of free-fall, and
2) Its transition from stasis to free-fall is instantaneous.

According to more than 2,100 architects and engineers who have studied the collapse of Building 7, this is clear evidence that the building was brought down by controlled demolition. This is because such behavior can only occur when every column in the building is severed simultaneously, and no natural cause is capable of severing every column simultaneously.

Visit our Evidence page to learn more.

Take Action: Urge Ottawa MP Paul Dewar to Submit the 9/11 Justice Canada Petition to Parliament

paul-dewarDuring the December Ottawa ad campaign, ReThink911 together with 9/11 Justice Canada is encouraging all Canadians to contact Ottawa MP Paul Dewar (Official Opposition Critic for Foreign Affairs) and urge him to deliver the 9/11 Justice Canada petition to the Canadian Parliament. 

It only takes 2 minutes!

Simply copy and paste the text below and make sure to add your signature to the email.


[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

[Subject Line:]

Petition #5248504


Dear Mr. Dewar

I urge you to submit to Parliament petition #5248502, signed by over 1,400 Canadians, requesting a parliamentary review of the omissions and inconsistencies in the 9/11 Commission Report. Delivering a petition to Parliament does not imply that an MP endorses it. Here are three reasons to submit this petition:

(1) 26 Canadians were killed in the 9/11 attacks.

(2) Canada has been a major ally in the War on Terrorism, yet no proof has ever been delivered to the Canadian government that the 9/11 attacks were carried out as alleged by the U.S. government.

(3) A recent poll commissioned by the ReThink911 campaign found that a plurality of Canadians are in favor of Canada opening its own investigation into the 9/11 attacks. As the NDP Foreign Affairs Critic, it is incumbent upon you to submit this petition.

Please fulfill your duty to the Canadian people.


[Your Name]

Thank you!

Thanks to all our supporters for making this ReThink911 Campaign in Canada a real success.

Photos: ReThink911 Ottawa Bus Ad